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Try the brand-new Mbracefully posture corrector and feel the difference... guaranteed!

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At Mbracefully we know the importance of living our lives in alignment. To us that means being true to ourselves – following the path that we set out on. A word that comes to mind – and that we think many can identify with – is BALANCE. Whether it’s the balance between work and time with the family; eating a balanced diet of tasty foods that are also healthy, or balancing the time you sit in front of your computer or smartphone with a healthy dose of exercise – we all need balance!

Mbracefully is a small family-run business, focused on helping people achieve balance and alignment in their lives. While we believe in the importance of movement and exercise, we also recognize we all need a little help sometimes to look and feel our very best.  This is the concept behind the Mbracefully Posture Enhancer - a discreet wearable device to enhance your posture and boost your confidence

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to bring alignment to your life

On our website you will find lots of tips and exercises – some so simple that you can do them at your desk at work – that all have the purpose of improving your posture and building a strong core that will carry you through life with renewed energy and vitality.

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Introducing: The Mbracefully Posture Enhancer!

We are THRILLED to introduce the Mbracefully Posture Enhancer – a smart, wearable device that gently reminds you to roll your shoulders back and sit or stand in a more upright position.

It has the added advantage of opening up your chest, which leads to better oxygen flow and make you feel more energized, alert and confident. 

Even though most of us are aware that it’s not healthy to spend too much time sitting in front of our laptops or hunched over our phones, the reality is that many of us do for hours every day. And more often than not, we catch ourselves with our shoulders slumped and head tilting forward, with an increasing tension in our neck and back as a result.



I have only been using this posture corrector for almost a week now and I am very pleased with the early results. This Mbracefully posture corrector has definitely improved my posture. I am excited to see more results." 


Isabel R. 

Newark, CA


I have a chronic bad back and am currently working on correcting my thorax. This brace consistently keeps my shoulder rotation working just the way my physio ordered. And I have more comfort at work, particularly when using the mouse. 


Laura C. 

Carrolton, TX

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We're so sure you'll love your new Mbracefully posture enhancer, we offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee. In the unlikely event of a product defect, you're covered by a 1 year free replacement warranty.

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Try the brand-new Mbracefully posture enhancer and feel the difference... guaranteed!

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